Internships abroad

The internships by foreign experts will be realized aimed at the dissemination and sharing the experience with the using and implementation of the European Landscape Convention in different conditions. All foreign institutions are world-renowned experts in the field of planning, conservation and landscape management. The internship will attend especially the 2nd target group, staff of universities and other institutions dealing with education, research and development because of the higher education and experience. The experts will process obtained information and confront with their working background. Internships are planned so that they attended all of the partners, what will create reciprocal cooperation. The most important internship is by the organization RECEP-ENELC inFlorence(international association of local and regional authorities promoting the implementation of the European Landscape Convention throughoutEurope), whose main activity is aimed at promoting and realization the Convention in the territory of their own competence. In theCzechRepublicthere is its representative and the partner of the project CENELC.CZ. Other foreign institutions are more specialized in different domains. For example landscape planning (effective use of GIS – geographic information systems, assessment of landscape character, landscape typology and others), the landscape reservation (levels and forms of landscape protection, landscape features, historical, natural and cultural heritage, their management etc.) and landscape management (organic agriculture, community planning, economical activities in the landscape other).

The partners of the project will accept experts from abroad as the response of their internships. The foreign experts will consult our solutions and strategies in the field of Convention and teamwork of partners on the project.

Measurable output activity will be the number of internships in abroad and the number of accepted foreign experts, which will finally visit partners in Czech Republic. The realization team will implement on 35 internships on 9 different institutions in 6 European countries. Every country has its own specifics and experiences in the domain and with implementation of the Convention, but also every institution has new possibilities haw to solve the problems.