Faculty of Horticulture in Lednice was founded as a separate part of the University in 1985. However, the workplace of Horticulture in Lednice has been functioning since 1950 (Department of Horticulture with related institutes and specialized branch). From this time dates the experience with the target group. Currently (the latest annual report of the faculty in 2008) includes the academic community of faculty 1224 students, 62 academics and 13 researchers. The Faculty is by a number of scientific grants involved in the European university space (network Le Notre, ECLAS network) and the European Research Area in 7.framework program, network Leonardo, CAEPUS and others.

Department of Landscape Planning is focused on the wide range of scientific and research topics – from spatial planning on one side via management of cultural landscape, restoration and regeneration of landscapes disturbed by human actions, research of designed landscapes to problems of public participation on the other side. Pedagogical activity is focused both on development of students‘ skills to understand landscape with creative approach and understanding of legislative background of the field of study and technological skills when developing a project. Active international cooperation either on scientific or educational field gives both academic staff and students an opportunity to develop their skills abroad or meet foreign experts in projects (co-)organized by Department of Landscape Planning.

Courses and Workshops

  • Ecology
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Introduction Into GIS
  • GIS and Landscape Interpretation
  • Landscape analysis in ArcGIS
  • Landscape Study
  • Landscape Design
  • Management of Natural Protected Area and Landscape
  • Landscape Planning
  • Spatial planning
  • Landscape Interpretation
  • Landscape Perception and Aesthetics
  • Recreation
  • Sustainable Development of Agricultural Landscape
  • Workshop – Landscape Topic
  • Innovation in Rural Development

External Courses and Excursions

  • Education and teamwork in the field of regeneration of landscape intensively disturbed by human actions (e.g. Excursions on mining areas)
  • Widening the range of expert horticulture education of high schools staff with the topic „Landscape protection and creation“.
  • Fruit trees as a part of woody formations in cultural rural landscape

External Projects

  • Innovation in Rural Development – Networking Skills for Professional Master Students
  • Metropolis with Green Heart (International Association for Landscape Ecology)
  • TRACOPI – Enhancing local program based innovation and development – a landscape and natural resources perspective

Scientific Projects

  • Landscape architecture‘s methods and tools for spatial development
  • Consequences and risks of breaking the European Landscape Convention