Interactive workshop


The goal of an Interactive workshop is progress of practical participant’s skills by elaborating the landscape study on a real area, progress of creativity in a field of landscape planning, the deepening of knowledge the larger area planning and adoption the basic of the teamwork.


The websites include expert supplies and study materials, lectured by preparing the students on three-week workshop, which passed on the end of April and the beginning of Mai 2012. On the workshop took part students of MendelUniversity in Brno (students in 4. year of Garden and Landscape architecture) and students of Palacký University in Olomouc (Ecology and environmental protection, branch name Landscape Protection and Planning). The workgroups were leaded, coordinated and consulted by second target group, especially by further training employees. There grow up 8 workgroups in year 2012, which solved landscape problems in these locations: Holíč, Kopčany, Lanžhot, Lednické ponds – Hlohovec, National Park Podyjí – Havraníky, National Park Podyjí – Hnánice, National Park Podyjí – Lesná a National Park Podyjí – Čížov.

Study materials:

The section of Interactive Workshop in Czech language contains the lectures and supplies, heard by preparing the students on three-week workshop.

The results of the work

Final posters summarized the landscape studies are available to reviewing the pictures below.